how to make best aloo posto recipe 30 minutes

Alloo posto

Very simple aloo posto recipe 30 minutes

          Aloo posto recipe, it’s a Bengali food. It is a very popular food that people in West Bengal and Bangladesh eat with great satisfaction. This Aloo posto recipe is made with potatoes and poppy seeds. It cannot be that there is no Aloo posto (poppy seed) in the menu of any Bengali food. Most Bengalis love to eat fish curry and eat this Aloo posto. In many Bengali families, Aloo posto recipe is also cooked with luffa and Pumpkin.

         It tastes very good with rice. There is nothing better then posto for vegetarian food with rice.

          Not only Bengalis many people from all over India like Aloo posto. It’s very easy and it’s made with very few ingredients’. It’s cooked without ginger and garlic. There is no need to onion; you can if you want to add onion.

           Many people do not add turmeric again. But I added a little turmeric, because turmeric has many benefits in our body. Turmeric acts as help in digestion, reduces pain, protect against cancer, etc. So I’m telling you to eat little turmeric. And if you add turmeric in to the Aloo posto recipe , it is good to see the Aloo posto.

            It is a combination of poppy seed and potato, in which Bengali Panch Phoron and mustard oil must be added, onion can also be added.

             What do you think Panch phoron is? There are 5 types of spices in panch phoron.

             Main Ingredients of Panch Phoron(5spices)

  • Cumin seed
  • Black mustard seed
  • Fennel seed
  • Kalonji (nigella seed)
  • Methi Dana (Fenugreek seed)

   All the ingredients will be mixed in equal quantity to make panch phoron(5 spices).  This spice is found in almost every Bengali kitchen. Bengali food is incomplete without this spice and all food has a spicy aroma.

         There are many compounds in the poppy seed that help to prevent human body disease. Lowering the level of bad cholesterol increases the level of good cholesterol. Poppy seed contain very little opium.


Method of Aloo posto:

  • In a pan, take 25gm poppy seed and roast on low heat. Adding roasted poppy seed in to the Aloo posto recipe its makes the flavour even better.  After 30 second, the poppy seed should be removed from pan. You have to make sure that the poppy seed are not black. The poppy seed should be cooled.
  • Then paste it with a dried chili. You have to paste the poppy seed well. And set aside
aloo posto
  • Take 4 medium size potatoes and wash it well, peel the potatoes well. Then cut this potatoes medium sized dice. After cutting the potatoes need to be the same size. As a result, the potatoes will be cooked evenly. Then take the potatoes in a bowl and wash them well 2 to 3 times and when the potatoes are washed, they should be dipped in another bowl with water. If not dipped in water, the potatoes will turn red, which is not good.
potatoes dice cutting
  • In a pan, take 25ml of mustard oil and fry over medium heat with half teaspoon of Panch phoron and 1 piece of dried chilli. After frying the panch phoron for 30seconds, remove the potatoes from the water and put into the pan and fry for 3minutes. Fried potatoes are important; this is what enhances the taste of food.

         Then add salt and half a teaspoon of turmeric. Salt should be given according to taste because many people eat less and more salt. Add less turmeric because the Aloo posto is not too yellow. And fry again for 5 minutes.

         After 5minutes add water and boil the potatoes, the amount of water should be given, so that there is not much liquid broth. Some people like gravy. They can add a little more water in the aloo posto recipe. But what I’m making won’t be gravy.

Cover the potatoes and let them boil.

  • After that the pasted poppy seed should be mixed well with the cooked potatoes. And stir for 2 to 3 minutes on high heat. The water will be a little less, and will be a little dry. If you want to make gravy, you can add a little water.
Alloo posto
  • Pour some mustard oil on top of the Aloo posto. The raw smell of mustard oil enhances the test of this food.

This time tasty aloo posto has been made, serve hot.


  • Potatoes————4pice medium size(300gm)
  • Poppy seeds——–25gm
  • Panch phoron(5spices)———- half teaspoon
  • Turmeric———————half teaspoon
  • Mustard oil——————30ml
  • Salt—————————1tablespoon
  • Dried chilli————-2pic
  • Green chilli————1pic(Optional)
spices of aloo posto


    1. Roast the poppy seed in a pan over low heat. It should not be black.
    2. Paste the poppy seeds and 1red chilli well.
    3. Wash and cut the potatoes. Cut into dice shapes.
    4. Fry the Panch phoron(5spices) in mustard oil in a pan.
    5. Add the potatoes in the pan. And keep stirring well.
    6. Add salt and turmeric. Salt according to the taste.
    7. Add 200ml of water. You can also add more water.
    8. Cover and let it boil for 10 to 15 minutes.
    9. After 15minutes, add the pasted poppy seeds. And mix.
    10. Add a little mustard oil on top and remove from the oven.
    11. Serve hot with rice.
Aloo posto recipe

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