best Rasgulla recipe in 30 minutes


best Rasgulla recipe in 30 minutes:


It’s a very delicious sweet It usually eaten after the meal. There is no event in West Bengal where Rasgulla is not made. Rasgulla not only sweet, but it is also the pride of West Bengal; most people love to eat so hotly. We see it in some hotels and restaurant baked Rasgulla also serves. It’s just spread the rebri on top of the Rasgulla and bake. It is also available in many flavours like Mango, Orange, Nolen gur (Jaggery). It is usually made from cow’s milk and buffalo’s milk.

           It’s very popular sweet in West Bengal, but some people say it came from Orissa. This sweet is as easy to make as it is good to eat. Let’s see how sponge Rasgulla can be made better at home.

  • Serves                  :   4  …( 9 Rasgulla)
  • Preparation time :    10 minutes
  • Cooking time       :    20 minutes


  1. Full cream milk of (fresh milk):…… 750ml

  2. Sugar :…………………………………… 500gm

  3. Lemon juice:……………………………. 2 tsp

  4. All purpose flour:………………………. 2tsp

  5. Water:…………………………………….. 250ml

1. we have to make the chenna

  Pour the milk into a pot and start heating. After hitting for 5 minutes the milk will start to boil lightly, then have to pour lemon juice in the milk and should stir lightly. The chenna and the water will separate after stirring for a while.

         Drain the curdled milk over a clean cloth and squeeze off the water completely, and then rinse again with cold water. It should be washed well to avoid the smell of lemon. The water has to be taken out well from chenna. If the water is not drained well Rasgulla balls will crack.

 2. we have to make chenna balls

        Put the chenna in the plate and add 2tsp All purpose flour.   Add flour here for binding chenna. Massage continuously, it will be very soft and smooth. After 10 minutes of mass it will become smooth.

          Then you have to cut the dough into small pieces and roll it like a ball. And make sure that there is no crack in any of chenna balls. If this are not cracked then it should be understood that the chenna dough is well made.

3.We have to make sugar syrup

          Heat the sugar and water in a pan and put 3 cardamoms in this sugar syrup. Make sure that the sugar syrup is not to thick, it will be thin.

4.The chenna balls have to be cook

          The balls need to be cook in sugar syrup. Put all chenna balls in to the sugar syrup. Cover pan and cook for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes the chenna balls has to be cooked upside down again. Cover again and leave for 5 minutes.

           The ball will swell like a sponge and twice as big.

Then you will see that a beautiful and delicious sponge Rasgulla has been made. Now let cool down a bit

          Now you can serve hot and cold


Rasgolla recipe

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