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methods of cooking

cooking method

What is cooking?

Cooking is a job that we do for food. Food preparation is a task that presents clean, authentic, healthy food for people. It’s a chemical process in which ingredients are heated in a variety of methods to make food.

Why do we cook?

  Cooking enhances the taste and aroma of food and kills harmful bacteria, it is well digested and increases the nutritional value and makes it edible.

Method of cooking

      The methods of cooking are to prepare different foods in different ways. However, the ingredients need to be properly prepared and mixed in the right amount but more skill is needed to make the food.

The different methods of cooking are:

  1. Boiling
  2. Blanching
  3. Roasting
  4. Baking
  5. Frying
  6. Sauté
  7. Poaching
  8. Steaming
  9. Stewing
  10. Grilling
  11. Braising
  12. Broiling


boiled potatoes

   Boiling is a method of cooking in which a raw food or food ingredient is cooked by dipping it in water or some other liquid (Stock or water). This method requires only enough liquid to cover the food. The water is boiled at a temperature of 100°c, however, it may not require so much heat to make food but cooking at above 70°c is a must because if these are any harmful germs or bacteria in raw vegetables or meat, it will be destroyed. As a result of boiling raw vegetables and meat, some of the aromas of this comes out in the liquid. 

        This method is used to make vegetable or meat stock. It is suitable to boil any raw food when the water is hot and will evaporate and the water keeps boiling. This method is used in many food preparations and food preparation. For example boiled rice, boiled vegetables, boiled eggs, poached eggs.



    Blanching is a process similar to bowling. This process is done with the help of boiling water when the water is boiling at 100° temperature; the vegetables have to be dipped in water and picked up immediately. As soon as they are taken out of the water, soak them in ice water because when they soak in ice water the color of the vegetables remains the same. Keep in mind that the vegetables are not fully cooked in the blanching method.


The method was used to gives smoky flavors. Now to make this easier, the roasting method has been divided into 2 parts.

Spit roasting/barbecued: this method of cooking is more often used in cooking meat. But some of the vegetarian dishes of Asia are prepared in this method. In this method, the meat or vegetables are cooked by keeping the flame directly on the fire. Tandoori dishes are made in this way.

           There are many meat or veg dishes in European countries that are cooked over an open fire. These are available in hotels all over the world. It consists mostly of beef, pork, mutton, and chicken. That is called Spit-roasting.

Oven roasting:   A little long method of roasting in the fire, it takes very little time from spit roasting. so it has now taken the place of spit- roast. This method cooks food in a closed oven. The temperature and time can be set as much as needed, so the dishes are perfect. Spices, oil, or grease to food beforehand. Then it is put in the oven.

Pot roasting:  In this method vegetables and steaks or poultry are cook in a thick pot, this method is used when there is no oven or a small amount of food is cooked, but it cooks very slowly. The food does not stick to the pot so a small amount of oil or fat is added before cooking in the pot. The oil or fat will just touch to the steaks or any food, more oil or fat will fry this, so less oil is added. And add a little water while cooking for moisture.


        The method of preparing food with the help of dry heat is called baking. This procedure is always done in a  baking oven. Bread, cakes, pizza, and pastries can be cooked this way. Its oven stays closed during cooking. The time and heat can be set according to the recipe. Baking requires a baking oven which can be of many types such as the electric baking oven or traditional baking oven.


         It is a method where food is cooked in oil or fat.  Once fried in hot oil or fat, the color of the food changes and the food starts cooking, it is heated with the help of oil inside and outside the food.                                                                                                                                     There are 3 types of frying:

  1. shallow frying
  2. deep-frying
  3. Sautéing 

Shallow frying:  This cooking method uses very little oil or fat. And the food is fried on one side and then fried on the other side, Oil or fat heats up very quickly but it takes longer to fry food. This is why any food is lightly brown in color when cooked. However, if any fatty food is fried, then very little oil should be given. There are many types of food that are cooked in this way, Such as vegetables, eggs, fish, bacon, sausages, etc.

Deep frying:  This method requires a little more oil for frying, so it takes a little longer to heat but it is cooked quickly. Care must be taken when heating the oil. Understand that oil is not overheated. If it is too hot, it will turn black after frying. Food or the taste of food may be spoiled. Another side frying in cold oil will absorb the oil in the food which is not good.

             In this case, have to check the heat of the oil before frying; it is better to have a little skill. Most of the food can be prepared this method but some food needs to coating before frying, Can be coated with lots of ingredients on food. Such as egg, gram flour, cornflour, Maida, breadcrumbs.

Sauteing:   It is quite similar to shallow frying. Saute is a French word “sautoir” which means jump, This method involves stirring the food very quickly with a very small amount of oil and more heat in the frying pan. Even boiled or half-boiled vegetables or any other food can be sauteed.   



This is a method of cooking eggs, fish, or vegetables in water. It is cooked by adding a little salt and in some cases vinegar to the water. The water needs to be heated very slowly. It will not be allowed to boil. Cooking in this way does not spoil the original aroma or smell of the food. In the case of eggs, the reason for giving vinegar is that the eggs do not separate during cooking.


method of cooking

It is a method of cooking with the steam that comes out of boiling water. The water is heated in a pot and a perforated steamer pan is placed on top of it. It also has a bamboo steamer. The water has to be heated well first, the amount of water should be accurate; water will touch the food if the water is more. It needs to keep boiling the water until cooking            

 In this way, the food does not lose its nutrients and aroma, and the food for the steaming is very soft. It does not need oil or fat. There are many foods that are made in this method those are momos, steamed dumplings, Idli, Dhokla, Steamed fish, Bhapa Hilsa, etc.


    Through this process the food is cooked very gentle, it is cook gently with water or stock in a pan with raw food. Some vapor is made to close the pan. Some vapor is used to do this method, and the food is cooked on very low heat boiled too early will not be allowed. Mall chicken or small pieces of meat or vegetables are cooked, which is very low heat and gentle so the food is very soft and tasty and retains nutrition. Many dishes are made in this method; those are Lentil stew, chicken stew, lamb stew, chicken stroganoff, and beef stroganoff.


method of cooking

    It is a combined method of roasting and stewing, usually cooked on a thick pan with vegetables or long cut meat, first, it is roasted with dry heat and then stewed. In most cases Meat or vegetables are roasted directly in the pan, sometimes it roasted over a fire. After roasting the stock is added to the pan. The food turns brown after it is roasted on a pan or on fire. A variety of steak dishes are made in this way.


method of cooking

    This method similar to grill, it is cooked on oven or salamander, grid, or frying pan, heat comes from the top. Before cooking, the oven has to be heated and grease with oil or fat. It is a kind of grill, which is marinated and placed in a hot salamander or grid, the food is cooked over medium to heat so the color of the food is not very brown. In this method, food is not covered during cooking.


method of cooking

Grilling is a simple and very popular method; it is used in all cuisines. Vegetables, meat, or anything else are cooked by direct gridiron over the fire or electric griller. Some food comes in direct contact with fire such as chicken, duck, and steaks. This process uses a lot of oil or butter, as a result, the food can’t stick in the pan and not burn or dry, using the butter enhances the taste and flavor of food. This method of cooking is done very quickly. Microwaves are now used in many cases, which are cooked very quickly.

      Many prepared foods have to be grilled such as sandwiches, these are usually grilled in an electric griller or grilling pan. The electric griller is heated from two sides so the sandwich is placed in the middle and grilled.

some easy recipes:

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