make best Balushahi or balusahi at home in 30 minutes?

Balushahi recipe

Balushahi recipe

           Balushahi sweet is one of the popular desserts in India. This sweet is available in every state of India and people eat it with great enthusiasm. People in India like to eat little more sweets, I found out from the owner of a sweet shop that almost 500 pieces of Balushahi are sold all day long.

           I ate 2 pieces of balusahi  based on its encouragement, it tasted very good. It is a fried dessert that is dipped in sugar syrup. It is sweet and very crunchy inside. So I tried to learn the recipe from him.

           It’s dough of a mixture of flour and ghee (clarified butter) which is dipped in sugar syrup after frying in oil. It’s very easy to make but the Balusahi will not be good if the recipe and ingredients are not given in the right amount. So you have to follow this method well.

            I have made Balushahi sweets with very few ingredients in this method, so that it can be made very easily at home and in sweet shops and the cost is less.

             Balushahi is a bit like doughnuts that is why it is called doughnuts of India. Various sweets are usually made in all the ceremonies of India. Balushahi is one of those sweets. It is a North India sweet. It was first eaten in northern India. But now Balusahi is known all over the world.



Methods of Balushahi:

  • Wash your hands first.


  • First you have to take 300 gm of all purpose flour in a bowl and sift the flour well. Then give 45ml melted ghee (clarified butter).it can be oiled instead but I gave ghee. Mix the flour with ghee then when the flour and ghee are well mixed then mix again with 50 gm of water till it looks like the dough shown in the picture.

One thing to keep in mind is that the dough is not too hard and not too soft, if it is hard, the Balushahi surface will crack. Leave dough 30minutes for rest.

Balushahi dough
  • After 30 minutes, the dough should be cut into small pieces. You can make such small and large pieces. Take the piece between the two hands and roll it well. Then make a hole in the middle with two fingers. Try not to crack too much. As given in the photo. In the same way, all pieces must be made this process.
Balushahi dough
Balushahi dough
  • There will be oil heating in a container. Cannot be very hot. If the oil is hotter, the surface of the Balushahi will be brown. That’s not nice to see. So keep the oil medium hot.
Balushahi fry
  •  Then some of the prepared raw Balushahi should be fried oil on medium heat. After awhile the Balushahi will float on top of the oil. These have to be fried upside down, but the inside of the Balushahi is not done yet so you have to fry it for a while more. It will take 14 to 15 minutes.
  • After 15 minutes you have to see how the colour of the Balushahi. If it turns while, fry again for 5 minutes. The colour will be golden and brawn. Remove from oil and place in a tray. Balushahi oil should be wiped off.
  • After that you need to make sugar syrup. For this you need to take 600gm of sugar in a pot, add 200 ml of water and heat it for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes the sugar will dissolve in water. Then break 5 cardamoms and add sugar syrup. It will good small in sweet.


Sugar syrup
  • Care should be taken so that the sugar syrup is not too thick and not too thin. If it is thick, sugar syrup will not get inside the Balushahi. If you make it too thin again, the Balushahi will become soft. To prevent the sugar syrup from crystallize, you need to add a little lemon juice, otherwise the sugar syrup will crystallize.
  • All the fried Balushahi should be dipped in sugar syrup. However, the sugar syrup should be slightly hot. Dip for 15 minutes. After soaking for 15 minutes, the sugar syrup will get into the sweets. After 15 minutes, remove from the sugar syrup and place on a plate, the Balushahi sweet can be garnished with nuts, pistachio.
  • Cool and serve. It can be kept in airtight container for 6 to 7 days.



Ingredients of Balushahi:

    For dough:

1.    All purpose flour———- 300 gm

2.    Ghee(clarified butter) melted —–45ml

3.    Water———— 50ml

   For frying:

4.    Refined Oil———–500ml

   For sugar syrup:

5.   Sugar—————800gm

6.   Green Cardamom———5pic

7.   Lemon juice———–1 tbls

8.   Water ———-200ml


There is no need to use baking powder and baking soda.




  • 300gm all purpose flour and ghee should be mixed well together.
  • 50gm of water should be given and mixed well for good dough.
  • Let the dough rest for 30 minutes.
  • The dough should be cut into small pieces and rolled into rounds; fingers should be pressed in the middle.
  • Heat oil and fry these, for 15minutes.
  • Fry upside down until golden brown in colour.
  • Sugar syrup should be made. 800 gm sugar, 200ml water mixed and heat.
  • Add 5pic Green Cardamom and lemon juice.
  • The fried Balushahi should be dipped in sugar.
  • After 15 minutes, remove the sweet from the sugar syrup
  • Cool it and serve.

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