Veg Manchurian recipe, How to make best Manchurian dry in 30 min?

veg Manchurian dry

Dry Manchurian recipe. Veg Manchurian recipe.


Veg Manchurian is an Indo-Chinese dish. This is a very popular dish in India. Manchurian is a dish that is available in all restaurants, and it’s very tasty. Manchurian is eaten in the main course and snacks. Gravy is taken in the main course and dry for snacks. This is a perfect starter for an alcoholic drink and a nonalcoholic drink. Manchurian is a favorite food of people of all ages. Everyone likes this dish because of the flavor and sweet, sour, and salty taste. Manchurian food can be found in restaurants and street food in every city in India.

          Manchurian may sound like a Chinese dish but it is not completely Chinese. It’s a thick sauce of Indian and Chinese flavor.

Story of Manchurian

The Manchurian dish has come from Manchuria in China. Some Chinese people started coming to India for business, some people started living in Calcutta with the help of the British at that time. And some people opened restaurants in Calcutta and Mumbai. One of them is Nelson Wang; He opened many popular Indo-Chinese restaurants. He invented the Manchurian dish.

Is Manchurian Veg or non veg?

There are two types of Manchurian; vegetable and chicken Manchurian. Among the vegetables, there are 2 types like cauliflower (Gobi) and mixed vegetables, but now paneer (cheese) Manchurian is also available in restaurants. This food can be vegetables or chicken, but the sauce is the same.

What is Vegetable Manchurian?


  It is a vegetable dish. Deep fry in oil after mixing many chopped vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, beans, ginger, garlic, coriander leaves and green chili with flour and cornflour to make the Manchurian ball, and these have to be toss in Manchurian sauce. And Garnished with coriander leaves. It can be gravy or dry. There is nothing better than this one of the best snacks in vegetables.

         Cauliflower Manchurian is very tasty to eat, but it is very easy to make. Cauliflower is cut into small pieces and fried in oil with cornflour and Maida. And these have to be toss in the sauce. And Garnished with coriander leaves.

What is Chicken Manchurian?

          Boneless chicken is fried with Maida, corn flour, chili paste, ginger garlic paste, and salt. It’s like “chicken pakora” and has to be toss in Manchurian sauce And Garnished with coriander leaves. This is the sweet, sour, and salty food that everyone loves.


 It is very easy to make it not too hard. Today I will make vegetable Manchurian; it will be made like restaurants if you follow my method.


For veg ball

Cabbage 200gm chopped or grated.

Carrot 50gm chopped or grated.

Beans 25gm chopped.

Green chili 1pic chopped.

Ginger paste 1tsp.

Garlic paste 1tsp.

Maida 25gm.

Corn flour 25gm.

White pepper powder 1/2tsp.

Salt 1tsp.

Oil for frying.

 For Gravy

Ginger chopped 2tsp

Garlic chopped 1tsp

Onion chopped 50 gm

Oil ½tbls

Tomato ketchup 2tbls

Chili peats 1tsp

Soy sauce 3tsp

White pepper powder ½ tsp

Salt to taste

Vinegar Or lemon juice 1tsp

To garnish Coriander leaves


Serves:   4

Preparation time:  15 minutes

Cooking time:   5 minutes

Method of Manchurian ball:

         To make the Manchurian sauce, you have to make chilli paste first. To make chili paste, you have to boil some chili in water, and then you have to paste those chilies. If you want to keep some days for any other cooking then you can add a little oil and keep it in the refrigerator. Can be kept at a temperature of 2° to 4° for 15 days.

chili sauce

         First, we make the Manchurian ball, for this we need to cut 200 gm of cabbage, you can grate it. Grate the carrots and chop the beans. Take all these vegetables in a bowl and add a teaspoon of salt. Because we all know that when salt is added to vegetables, water comes out of the vegetables. The cabbage has a lot of water so the salt has been used to get the water out. It is very necessary to make a good dish.

veg for Manchurian

When the water comes out of the vegetable, you have to squeeze the water well, and place in another bowl. Then we have to mix the other ingredients. Add ginger-garlic paste, green chili and white pepper powder mix with Maida and cornflour. Remember we have already added salt. You can give 1pice egg; the balls are softened and good to by adding the egg. I am not adding eggs to this recipe.

veg Manchurian mixture

We need to make this mixture into small pieces and round each piece. Take a pan and heat it over medium heat with oil. Once the oil is hot, the balls should be put in oil for frying. Do not fry all the balls together in oil. If given together, one can stick to another. Stir lightly with a few balls, as the balls start to come to the top of the oil, you make sure the balls are fried. The balls cannot be fried too much; they will turn black and the taste bitter. Once fried remove the balls from the oil.

Manchurian ball

Method of Manchurian Sauce:

Now we have to make a sauce for it. Take a frying pan; add ginger and garlic chop with ½tbls of Oil and sauté for 30 seconds. The flame must be kept very hot because Indo-Chinese food is made on a high flame. But ginger and garlic chop should not be fried too much otherwise it will burn.

ginger garlic saute

           After 30 seconds we have to add the 50 gm chopped onions. Fry till the onions are light change in color. Onions add texture and flavor to this sauce.

          After frying the onion add 2tbls of tomato ketchup and 1tsp of chili paste, “I have already told you how to make chili paste”. Then mix well and stir over medium heat for 30seconds.

Manchurian sauce

          After 30 seconds add 3tsp of soy sauce, ½ tsp of white pepper powder, and salt to taste stir medium heat for 45 seconds. When adding salt, you need to make sure that it is not too much, because soy sauce contains salt. So you need to add salt carefully.  Then add 1 tsp of vinegar or lemon juice.

Manchurian sauce

           The Manchurian balls have to be fry once again because the balls are not fully cooked and are cold. If you reheat them, the sauce will enter these balls. Once the balls are fried, add them into the sauce, and mix well over medium heat.

Manchurian dry

We are making Manchurian dry so do not add more water. I used a little water like semi gravy. If you want to make Manchurian gravy, so add some more amount of water and cornflour for thickening. And garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot.


  1. Boil some dried chilies in water. Drain the water and paste. Live it aside.
  2. Wash the vegetables, Cabbage Carrot and Beans chop or grate them. Place in a bowl and add salt. Live for 5min
  3. After 5min Water will come out for adding salt, squeeze the water well, and place it in another bowl.
  4. Mix the other ingredients like ginger garlic paste, white pepper, and Maida corn flour. Mix well.
  5. Separate the mixture into small pieces and round each piece, and fry them well.
  6. Once fried, remove them from the oil and set aside.
  7. Fry chopped garlic and ginger in oil in a frying pan. These should not be black, so fry for 30 seconds.
  8. Add chopped onion and fry for 45 seconds.
  9. Then add tomato ketchup and chili paste, mix well and keep stirring over low heat.
  10. Add the soy sauce white pepper and, and stir for 45 seconds. After 45 seconds add 1tsp of Vinegar Or lemon juice
  11. Fry the Manchurian balls in hot oil once again.
  12. Add all Manchurian balls in sauce and mix well.
  13. Add some little water if required.
  14. And garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot.

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